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All the challenges posted here will be about either Dawson and Joey or Pacey and Joey. All the rules about submitting an icon are on the userinfo page, but if you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment here with them.

Each new challenge will be posted on Sunday night, and icons will be expected to be submitted by the following Friday. Voting will take place from late Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Winners will also be posted that Sunday after the voting ends. The first challenge will be posted this coming Monday, September 12.

There is a button in the userinfo for you to paste in your own userinfo showing you're a member of the community and that will help promote us. It's optional, but we'd be really grateful if you'd use it since we are a new community and trying to get the word out about us. We hope all of you will enjoy this community, and above all, have fun with it! Thanks to all of you who have joined, and we look forward to seeing your icons!

(I will be announcing the challenge this coming Monday!)
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