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djpj_icontest's Journal

The Dawson/Joey & Pacey/Joey Icontest!
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Welcome to the DJPJ_Icontest! Your icons will be based on the hit TV series, Dawson's Creek. To narrow things down, you'll be making icons of the two main couples in the show. Dawson & Joey, and Pacey & Joey. They won't be about any other characters. We may ask you to pick out of a selection of pictures we provide. We might ask you for certain words on your icons. We don't put in these rules to be selfish, or rude. We are adding challenge into the icons, so this is suppose to be something fun! Always remember.....

[x] We want this to be a fun experiance for everyone
[x] You DON'T have to participate in every challenge given, and you may jump back in anytime.
[x] If you're new to the challenge and want to join, jump in, theres no need for Apps. Or anything like that.

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The rules are pretty basic, they aren't rules that you have to remember, they're only common sense...

[x] Your icons can only be 100x100[Avatar, MSN sized]
[x] Don't vote for yourself
[x] You may only submit up to two icons
[x] Your icons can be animated, but they must be less than 40K.
[x] Don't hesistate to ask questions, if you have an issue with your icons, we want to know!
[x] You will not have posting access, only your mods will, so you'll be submitting icons in a comment.

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You have two lovely moderators. Our names are Erin and Laura. My livejournal is bigstar02, and Laura's is lola_thatsme.

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Accepting Submissions- Monday-Friday
Voting and winners announced- Saturday-Sunday

Your icon submission example:

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Copy the TAG and URL code from the image host that you use in order to submit.

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THE SPLIT CHALLENGE: We recently recieved a post from _dc_lover_, (A joined member of this community) And suggested a theme in the future called the Split Challenge. The split challenge is when I come up with a challenge for each couple, so there will be 2 challenges in one week, but you only have to do one challenge, this is to give more variety to everyone if they want a different challenge. So basically, if we have a split challenge that week, you will have a choice between the Pacey/Joey challenge I make, or the Dawson/Joey challenge I make. YES YOU MAY participate in both challenges, but you are limited up to 2 icons. So you can only do one icon for each challenge in a split challenge. Voting will take place the exact same, there will be no separate voting, we may think of that a little bit later in the challenge.

THE ADDING CHALLENGE: This challenge won't happen so often, it will be rare. This a challenge where you have the chance to submit 3 icons to have a better chance of winning. Its ok if you don't use the opportunity to submit 3, its optional, it just betters your chances of winning.

I will list more challenges when I think of more, I really want this to be a successful icontest! And, I want lots of good to come out of winning the icontest, which is why I'm making these, I want people to get more than just a pretty banner.


Here are screen captures of the 3 main characters you'll be making icons of! These resources are NOT required, these are provided for you incase you don't know any good resources.

Dawson Leery>>> http://jvdb.mediablvd.com/gallery/gallery_eng/album10

Joey Potter>>> http://www.katieholmespictures.com/gallery/index.php?cat=54

Pacey Witter>>> http://www.joshuajackson.org/image/index.php?cat=51

OR CHECK OUT THE HIGH ANXIETY GALLERY>>> http://www.creekdaze.com/caps/gallery/

As many of you probably knew, you'll find in the Dawson and Pacey galleries, it will have them with Joey, so if its a week with Pacey and Joey, just go check out Season 4 under Pacey's gallery.